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As a well-respected member of the Howland Hook community, Howland Hook NY Locksmith Store strives to keep our residents safe with innovative security solutions. Our mobile service fleet vehicles are on the road 24/7, arriving quickly and well equipped to handle any Staten Island residential locksmith need. Your professional locksmith arrives ready to help with emergency house lockout services, rekeying locks on doors, and smart lock installation in Staten Island.

Broken Locks

Howland Hook NY Locksmith Store, Howland Hook, NY 718-554-8397

Trying to unlock your broken lock is quite a workout with all the lifting, pushing and pulling. Inevitably all your contorting results in a key broken in the lock. In Howland Hook, Howland Hook NY Locksmith Store is the most trusted locksmith, arriving quickly, performing a broken key extraction and changing locks on residential doors, keeping you and yours safe.



Lost Keys

Lost keys are the number one reason our Staten Island community members call us for emergency house lockout services. Our locksmith is dispatched quickly and arrives ready to help, granting access and fabricating replacement house keys, or rekeying to ensure your family remains safe and secure. 

Emergency Lock Changes

Howland Hook NY Locksmith Store has highly skilled technicians on the road in Howland Hook 24/7, arriving quickly to deliver stellar emergency services and lock changes. Whether your locksmith is upgrading to smart key installation, rekeying locks on doors or changing locks on doors, we arrive fully equipped to handle any situation. Emergency lock changes include:

  • House LockoutHowland Hook NY Locksmith Store, Howland Hook, NY 718-554-8397
  • Apartment Lockout
  • Bedroom Lockout
  • Locks Change
  • Locks Rekeyed
  • Master Key System
  • New Lock Installation

Howland Hook NY Locksmith Store here around the clock serving our fellow Staten Island community members when the need us most, where they need us.